James Hsu
Currently Director of Product Design & UX @ Crunchyroll.

Make beautiful things and help people.

Journey Mapping to Improve UX at FabFitFun
Building awareness on gaps in our conversion & onboarding funnels, improving UX, and driving growth while reducing risk for FabFitFun.
Increasing Conversion at FabFitFun
Researching what’s holding back prospects from converting, then hitting them with the answers for increased effectiveness.
Older Work
A collection of older projects I’ve worked on from various campaigns and different scopes across different industries and mediums.
Dark UX Academy: From Zero to One
An online academy I founded to help people transition into UX, and sharpen their skills to be more directly applicable for the industry.

Experienced Product Design Leader

I’m a UX specialist and design team builder with over 17+ years of experience leading large-scale cross-functional projects that deliver value to 12M+ users all over the world.

an image of James Hsu
Director, Product Design & UX
2018 – Present
Head of Design & UX
2016 – 2017
Art Director, Sr. Visual Designer
2015 – 2016
Live Nation
Art Director
2013 – 2015

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