Increasing Conversion at FabFitFun

Project Summary
Leveraging our research from understanding our customer journey and running a few additional qualitative user tests on our conversion funnel we made clear prospects had some very clear needs we were not meeting for them. I introduced some of the smallest pieces to A/B test, and they've been performing positively for us.
We already had existing data from our user journey research that highlights member sentiment, expectations, and user needs not being met.

1. What’s in the Box?
2. What do I get to choose from?
3. Will the products be right for me? (aka Product Affinity)
We constantly A/B testing solutions on our conversion funnel to increase user acquisition. This is highlighting one of the many experiments we run that ended up being a winner for us.

This new research brought new added observations and hypotheses for testing. We were asked to come to the table with larger A/B testing bets with hopes to increase membership conversions.
Answering the question:
1. Hero section that focuses on box products
2. New “What’s in the box?” section
3. Improved “How it Works” section
4. Pathos approach to influence conversion
5. Quality of Life for UI consistency
Hero Section That Focuses on Box Products
We revisited the hero to be able to highlight our hero products in the season rather than depend on our photo team for a curated open box shot. This allows for more scalability as products get re-merchandised, or if we need to make an ad-hoc box curation replacement.

Also positions us to be more than just a box, which is aligned with our marketing efforts.
A New “What’s in the Box?” Products Section
Repositioned to be first section below the hero. The main question members have, we finally give them an answer to and we do it immediately after scrolling.
An Improved “How it Works” Section

Content revisited to be more human and easy to comprehend. We know users don't read, so this covers both users that glance, and those that read every detail.Our additional membership amenities are surfaced and called out as additional value props.
Introducing a Pathos Approach to Conversion
We currently practice Logos (appealing to logic), Ethos (appealing to ethics). We added of a section now appealing to Pathos (Appeal to emotions that elicit feelings that already reside in them.)

The inspiration was a quote from a user testing participant: 
“However, it would be a really nice way to treat yourself. I'm a mom, no one ever surprises me. I take care of and plan everything for everyone, I'm always surprising people. I kinda like the idea of just getting a random box full of things that I could like.”
Consolidated & Consistent UI

We scoped out some of the smallest changes we could implement without affecting engineering cost for our migration efforts, starting with the new product grid.

🔥 Releasing this small slice of the product grid has already yielded us a +5% lift in conversion rate.
Final Words

Our rebuild is still ongoing, with full scope and additional concepts being slated for future implementation.