Older Work

A collection of older projects I’ve worked on from various campaigns and different scopes across different industries and mediums.
A project I worked on for Rihanna under Roc Nation during my time at Live Nation. It was a concept for a content generation app designed to compete with Instagram. It's amazing how a lot of the feature ideas we had then turned out to be released by Instagram in the future (IG lives, in-app ticket purchases, saved albums).
Charles Hollis Jones is an American furniture designer and icon known for his pioneering in Lucite furniture, charm, and personality. I met Charles because he lived in the apartment next to me when I lived in Burbank. We hit it off and became fast friends. I'd eventually grow to help him redesign his portfolio and collaborate on many aspects of his business.
Charles Hollis Jones
Disney Infinity was a first open world sandbox game of its kind, allowing multiple characters from different intellectual properties to play and interact with one another. It combined NFC technology with collectible figurines for a high level of collectability. I helped work on the marketing and global gaming web portal of the site. It'd later grow on to its 2nd and 3rd wave of iterations before being sunset.
Disney Infinity
Disney Movies VR was a project I worked on during my time at Walt Disney Studios. It was Disney's first ever VR content hub, designed to consolidate all their acquired movie studios into one app. It was developed originally for the HTC Vive. I helped design the interactions, user interface, and overall brand aesthetics for the app.
Disney Movies VR
Disney Qbotics was a project I worked on during my time at Sleepy Giant. It was designed to be an in browser game of creation that combined physics with mechanical in-game components. Kind of like an early Minecraft. I worked on the marketing site and game portal site. The game was never released outside of a closed beta.
Disney Qbotics
I worked on a lot of things at Live Nation, mostly concepts for how to solve specific user pain points either pre-purchase or post-purchase. This included things like, upsells and cross sells for VIP packages, a live streaming app concept, a pre-sale feature, and Uber integration.
Live Nation
Mighty Quest was a downloadable PC game that was a dungeon crawler and castle invasion mash up. I worked on the marketing website and game portal for this game. It was localized for English and French.
The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot